In the world we live in today, everything seems to be done in an instant. Instant coffees, instant food, even the work that we do should be done instantly. We all know how frustrating it is if we can’t get something in just a few minutes, even waiting in line seems to be such a chore. We are always busy rushing to the next big thing and end up missing so much in life.

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If there is one thing that separates James and Patty from the rest of the wedding world, it would be their desire to make our lively Filipino culture stand out on their special day—a culture that celebrates life and love. From the church to the reception, down to the details of their wedding that came with the warm smiles from everyone who attended that day, reflected the elegance, class, and feel of what a Filipino wedding should be.

"Ikaw at ako" | James and Patty Same-day edit Wedding VIdeo from David Garmsen on Vimeo.

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What do you get when you have a debutante who practices ballet in her spare time?

"Shut up and Dance with me" | Isabel Ipapo Same-day Edit Video from David Garmsen on Vimeo.


When I look back at Ian and Ali’s wedding, I remember 2 things their wedding date, and who they are as a couple, and as people.

There are more than 350 days in a calendar year, and out of all of them, Ian and Ali chose December 31, 2014 to celebrate their marriage. Most people wouldn’t even think of accepting a wedding on that date, but then again, I’m not like most people

"Just the way you are" | Ian and Ali Same-day Edit Video from David Garmsen on Vimeo.


This is one wedding I will always remember because of 2 reasons. The first because Marco gave a Maine a surfboard as a wedding gift! That’s right, a surfboard! It’s probably the coolest thing could give or receive as a gift.

"Say Geronimo" | Marco and Maine Same-day Edit Video from David Garmsen on Vimeo.


Like most guys, I personally don’t know who Kate Spade is. But I do know what tasteful style looks like, and of course know how to enhance it even further.

But over the course of this session, I have learned that Kate Spade embodies femininity, individuality, and elegance, all of which are fit to describe Isabel!
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February has finally come, and that simply means that the wedding rush is almost over. Things are slowing down for me, and that’s actually a good thing coz I can now work on updating my wedding blog with photos…

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