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Nothing represents a lady’s coming of age better than the sight of her smile coupled with fresh flowers and radiant sunlight! Our lovely lady for the day, Erika had just that for her portrait session in the 14 four cafe.

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Debuts are always magical celebrations with love, laughter, and emotion.

Aia’s evening started out with a dance number from her and her friends. Personally, I enjoy an explosive start to get the crowd’s attention, and dancing is one way to do that. What followed was an evening of elegance when she danced with her 18 roses, and listened to the messages of her candles and shots.

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Sure enough, I really enjoyed covering Jansen and Joyce’s wedding. The ceremony was probably one of my favorites because of its uniqueness. What made this military wedding special is how dreamy it was–Imagine entering the church seeing escorts and their swords being drawn while the love of your life is waiting at the end of the altar! The couple just showed the sincerest of love all throughout the affair and if there is one thing that never gets old in celebrating love, it’s saying “I do”.

"Mess is Mine" | Jansen and Joyce Same-day Edit Video from David Garmsen on Vimeo.

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Distance, an element of any sort that creates space between two people or objects. Simply put, distance separates us from others, and the greater the distance, the larger the gap.

In relationships, distance creates difficulty but at the same time strengthens the bond through perseverance and determination. Mark and Rowena have shared a long distance relationship for the majority of their lives. I’d like to believe that long distance relationships make couple’s stronger, and that they give them a sense of motivation, and a goal to share their lives together

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One of the best things about the summer season is the sunlight. The sun just gives off magnificent light which falls on us in the most beautiful way. That said, the summer season is deal for garden weddings!

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I rarely post anything non-wedding or non-debut related on my blog, but today, I make an exception.

One of the things closest to my heart is the art of Judo. It’s a sport I fell in love with in my college years, and up to present still devote free time to the sport. I believe that the best way I can contribute to the community is by sharing my talent and knowledge in the realm of photos and videos, that said, I’ve made it a point to create videos of various tournaments held in the country.

This year was rather monumental for me, simply because I was given the opportunity to cover the 28th Southeast Asian Games in Singapore. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and now that it has been done, I feel a great sense of contentment and completion.

The 28th South East Asian Games (SEA Games) | Judo from David Garmsen on Vimeo.

I hear wedding bells ringing just by looking at the photos from my pre wedding shoot with Ana and Aldrin. It’s no surprise because they’re both very much in love with each other and when you’re in love, all the sweet smiles and picture perfect moments will come out naturally. It’s like they’re already telling their story in every snap of the camera. Let’s make the photos do the talking, Enjoy!

It is every girl’s dream to turn into a princess for a day but we can’t deny the fact that our debutante is a certified princess for life. Cloie is a cross between classy and charming — Her Disney like ensemble, lush pink ball gown and her radiant smile is something to be envied. Turning 18 is amongst the most beautiful things in life that’s why it should be celebrated magically. Perfect moments like these are just as endless as they are timeless.

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