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Eric and Essai

Over the years, I’ve covered not only the weddings of newlyweds, but of those who want to renew their vows as well. I’ve met with couples who celebrate their 10th, 25th, and even their 50th wedding anniversary.

Today’s blog feature is on two things, Eric and Essai’s wedding and a few reason why I encourage people to celebrate wedding anniversaries

Celebrating your wedding anniversary or renewal of vows does have several positive points, one of which being, it gets the entire family together. It creates reason to celebrate, a reason to be close to your loved one, and it gives people a reason to bond.

Yet, more than that, it is really about two souls who have accomplished something very memorable. 10, 25, or 50 all of those are just numbers, yet at the same time they are milestones which desserve to be celebrated. And what better or greater act of love is there, but to reaffirm and renew the vows shared many, many years ago.

To spend a quarter of a century with person is a great achievement, one that desserves to be celebrated and at the same time renewed. Twenty-five years is a lot of time in which you can share a multitude of experiences, both of the good and the not so pleasant. Going through that, making it through that is an act of love. By renewing their vows, Eric and Essai also renew their love for one another and I believe this is the greatest reason couple’s should celebrate a renewal of vows.

The day marked their 25th wedding anniversary, and it gave them the most wonderful opportunity to celebrate their past, their present, and their future together.

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