Palawan Beach Wedding

Jeremy and Jessica

Up to today, Jeremy and Jessica’s wedding is still one of my favorites.

Jeremy and Jessica opted to have an intimate wedding even before it was a trend. They simply wanted to have a small celebration with all their closest family and loved ones. To do this, they booked an entire resort in Palawan. That’s right, an entire resort just for their wedding. In doing so, they were able to create small haven for themselves, a place where they could celebrate, laugh, and express love to their heart’s content.

Their guestlist only number a sum of 35 people, all of whom knew each other. As a photographer, I could tell how relaxed and care-free they were during their wedding day. I guess it’s the atmosphere is really different when there are only a few of you, it’s more homey, and more magical.

The couple prepared themselves in separate cabins and met each other on the beach front. With sand on their toes and love in their hearts, they professed their vows to each other, witnessed by the loved ones they hold dear. Their celebration continued on until the evening where they had dinner reception followed by dancing and merriment

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