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Mickey and Gel

People often wonder what life is or should be composed of. Answers vary from achievements, memories, love, experience and so many more. Yet, when it comes down to it all of these can be summed up into stories.

At the end of everything, our lives are made of stories and we marry, our life’s stories are married too. They are intertwined, blended, combined, and together pave the way for more beautiful stories.

As individuals, Mickey and Gel had their own lives and stories. Together, they now embark on their new found life to create more and more beautiful stories as a married couple.

Effort, a six letter word meaning a determined attempt to achieve a certain endeavor. As strong as the word may be, it does not give justice to Mickey and Gel’s resolute desire to achieve their game of thrones themed wedding. 

From the small details to large, intricate, and utterly beautiful styling of their reception, each piece was placed deliberately to recreate the Game of Thrones feel. 

Mickey and Gel put their hearts into their wedding and it shows not just in the details, but in them as well. Their wide smiles and glistening eyes speak of love. And all the love they shared and felt that day is what truly made their wedding beautiful

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