Tagaytay Engagement Session

Mickey and Tabby

A few weeks back, I posted Mick and Tab’s prenup photos and I have been receiving so much positive feedback, likes, and some question one where the shoot took place, who the stylist is, an how to achieve the look we had going.

Today, I am going to guide you on how to achieve this look with regards to lighting, attire, and venue! But before that, let me tell you about what Mick and Tabby envisioned for their own prenup. Weeks before the shoot, Mick and Tab, already told me what they wanted – a relaxed, down-to-earth, chill look showing who they are. What they wanted is a stark contrast to most of the prenup sessions we see today which are laden with long gowns, formal suits, and high fashion poses.

Frankly, both kinds of prenups have their own merits and challenges, but I’ll get to that in another post.

Now, going back to Mick and Tab, what they wanted was something which embodies them and showcases who they are. Each couple is different, their personalities, their harmony, likes and dislikes. As the photographer, it would be a good idea to get to know them. As the couple — be vocal, tell your photographer what you want, he’ll listen and find ways to give it to you.

The Right Venue

The first thing we had to consider for the session was the venue, and our chosen space was more than lovely. Fortunately, one of Tab’s relatives had a house in Tagaytay and was more than happy to lend it to us for the shoot! The place had everything we needed; beautiful pine trees, fantastic sunlight, and a wonderfully decorated home.

The outside porch was wonderfully well-lit shooting location as shown below, and the surrounding areas were filled with trees offering a lush backdrop for Mick and Tab.

The Right Attire

Choosing your clothes can be very challenging for most people. There are many different ways to dress up with each one being reflective of your style and preferences.

Their chill and down-to-earth feel didn’t mean that they didn’t want to dress up, it simply meant wearing clothes that they were most comfortable with. For their first look, Tab wore a yellow dress, while Mick was in a blue long-sleeves and jeans. If you look closely, their attires fit well, but aren’t tight. The loose fit allows them to move, laugh and smile freely without restriction.

In essence, the attire for chill prenup session can be described in 3 words, comfortable, loose, and relaxed

For the second look, we opted to shoot in one of the rooms inside the house. I specifically chose the room with the largest window, and then repositioned the bed right beneath it. This is what gives the light and bright feel. For the clothes, Tab wore a white top and blue jeans, however I did convince her to wear shorts instead, as these would allow her to move more freely. For Mickey, his white shirt, grey cardigan and beige shorts fit perfectly into the scene.

Personally, I like to have at least one set of clothes where the lady is in shorts since these give a lot of freedom in terms of movement and posing.

Our last set was similar to the first, something casual, relaxed but still very cute and presentable. Again, in keeping with the idea of relaxed and chill, their clothes are still loosely fitting and do not restrict movement in anyway. We opted to shoot a few blocks away from our original venue, just to change the feel and space of the photographs, but still retain all that embodies them as couple.

The Right Attitude

Going over the photos, I’m sure you’ve noticed how happy and carefree the couple is and that basically embodies the mindset you take with you on your prenup session. Enjoy the day, be free, and smile. Leave your worries behind and think yourself and your partner, that one happy thought should be enough for you bring out the most genuine of smiles. Believe me, it shows on camera.

Mick and Tab’s prenup session was something that shows their relationship is in visual a form. It gives shape and form to who they are as couple and lets us all see them as they are, happy, relaxed, and most definitely excited to spend their lives together.

By now, you already know what you need to pull off an prenup session like theirs, but if you still need a bit of help, you could always book us and we’d be happy to make your dream engagement session a reality!

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